STOP skill


If you’ve ever wondered when the STOP skill might come in handy, here’s an example.

The other day little Miss 5 was in the pool with her cousins Master 5 and Little Miss 4.  Little Miss 5 was standing on the side of the pool leaning over and looking in to see where the creepy crawly was because she’s scared of it and wanted to avoid it.

Little Mr 5 comes up behind her with mischief written all over his face.  He got up close, took a stable stance and the arms came up in perfect pushing position.

Before my sister or I could act we saw him Stop.  He just froze.

He took a deep breath.  You could see his shoulders move with the effort.

He Took a step back and

Observed the situation and then

Proceeded mindfully in the other direction; leaving Little Miss 5 completely unaware of her near miss.

What perfect use of the STOP skill.

Kate Macdonald