Effective Communication

I was sitting in a coffee shop with little Miss 4 the other day and she gave me a wonderful example of effective communication. I was having a crepe with some ice cream and Miss 4 was having raisin toast and a baby chino. She wanted some of my ice-cream, but she has an egg allergy and sometimes ice-cream can have egg products in them. I explained that it could have egg in it and that it might make her sick. So she sat there for a few minutes staring at my ice-cream in a somewhat disconcerting manner. Then as a waitress walked past she pipes up “Excuse me.” The waitress turns around and looks at her. “Does this ice-cream have egg in it?” she asks. The waitress replied; all the time talking to my 4 year old, “I don’t know, I’ll check. Turns out there was no egg and ice-cream was enjoyed by all. It was polite, to the point and achieved her needs. It was also better than I did, as I just said no because it didn’t occur to me that I could check. Interpersonal Effectiveness is a wonderful thing.

Kate Macdonald