DBTBrisbane offers one of the most comprehensive and intensive therapy programmes in Queensland to enable clients to stop addictions, impulsivity, rage, self hatred, suicide attempts or self harm. Clients will benefit from improved relationships, mood and feelings of self worth.


Why Choose DBTBrisbane?


At DBTBrisbane, our therapists are skilled, friendly, compassionate and amongst the most highly trained in Australia. All of our clinicians have completed the DBT Intensive Training conducted by Marsha Linehan’s (DBT treatment developer) company Behavioral Tech and have Master’s degrees in their respective professions. The majority of our team have travelled to the USA to complete the DBT Advanced Intensive Training conducted by Dr Linehan herself, and completed a 2-day workshop in Melbourne with Marsha Linehan.

Collectively our clinical team bring over 40 years of DBT experience to our program.

All of our therapists have extensive experience in the clinical application of DBT and have been skills group trainers and individual therapists for many years in the public and private sectors.

Our Vision

We care about people struggling and want to alleviate suffering. We do this through teaching skills that help people to make the changes they want. We run a fully-adherent, comprehensive DBT program and offer a suite of other DBT-related services with some of the most highly trained clinicians in Australia. We are DBTBrisbane.


What we do


Research on the benefits of DBT has emphasised the need to provide DBT as a comprehensive program incorporating Individual Therapy, Group Skills Training, Phone Coaching and Therapist Consultation Groups.

DBTBrisbane’s Program complies with the research program design and ensures that clinicians are highly trained in DBT.

DBT Brisbane offers an Intensive Therapy Package comprised of:

DBT skills groups

  • Participate in weekly groups teaching skills including: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation.

Individual DBT therapy

  • Weekly individual DBT session with a trained DBT therapist. These sessions usually last 50 mins each.

DBT phone coaching

  • Out of session phone coaching with a DBT therapist to help you when you’re in a crisis, when you need to practice skills or when you are feeling isolated.


How We Can Help You

We are committed to helping you take control of your life.



During your treatment program at DBT Brisbane, you will work with one key therapist who will provide you with weekly individual therapy. You will also work with skills trainers who will be responsible for teaching DBT skills in groups.

DBT Brisbane will help you:

  • Develop healthier relationships
  • End the roller-coaster of emotions
  • Stop punishing yourself
  • Cope better with criticism, daily stress or your past
  • Work out who you are and what you want



Who we are

Meet the team behind DBTBrisbane