Members of the DBTBrisbane Consultation Group have provided training to:

  • Public Mental Health Services

  • Private Psychiatric Hospitals

  • Non-Government Organisations

  • Disability Services

  • Homelessness Services

  • Disaster Recovery Services

Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs.

On a diverse range of topics including:

  • Commencing and operating an adherent DBT program

  • How to effectively treat clients with Borderline Personality Disorder

  • How to compassionately manage the needs of staff and BPD clients

Members of DBTBrisbane are able to tailor expert training to your organisation’s needs.



All of our Consultation Group members are trained supervisors and are able to provide single session or ongoing supervision to meet your needs in the effective treatment and management of BPD clients. We also provide expert supervision in the use of DBT skills to optimally benefit clients with a broad spectrum of issues.

Please contact us to discuss your supervision needs.